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Unique experiences, transformational moments. Each person and each environment are different; thus, at my tailor-made conferences I seek to get the best version of every participant and of the team they are part of. I create moments to stay in the memory due to the impact on their minds, heart and soul which help people develop healthy and sustainable transformations at a personal, team and organizational levels.


HR consulting

Disruptive innovation strategies in human resources.

With our capitalized experiences in the most diverse organizations, both in leadership and consultancy roles, in Humanize Consulting we team up to boost transformational processes in the digital era in order to develop better people and better enterprises.


Executive Coaching / Confidential Advisory

Difficult but necessary conversations. Throughout my experience in multiple situations with different professionals of different profiles -in the most diverse places and with a methodology which captures the best coaching, mentoring and teaching strategies- I help people find their most genuine answers to their professional and work big questions in a strict confidentiality atmosphere. These are short-term processes aimed at finding specific and sustainable results.


Team building -

For senior management teams

Innovative proposals adapted to the needs of each organization to identify the purpose, line up its managers based on it and generate the painting of success and high impact and sustainable cultural changes.


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