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'More human enterprises to a more human world'

Implications of digital transformation for people.

How to lead the process proactively and in a human way. Being digital versus doing digital

The human side of digital transformation -Being digital

The exponentiality and speed of the changes imply new human challenges.

How leaders can respond to become agile and multiplying agents

Exponential and agile leaders

How to cultivate a growth mindset

Fixed versus growth mindset.

Ways to shift your mindset.

Beliefs and behaviors that growth leaders share

The future of work and the work of the future – The new revolution

New technologies and their impact on the labor world.

Getting ready at a personal and organizational level to capitalize opportunities.

Talent management innovation

How to develop  a talent competitive strategy in the context of digital transformation.

Main trends and development in high impact Employee Value Proposition to become key players in businesses.

Changing with purpose in the digital transformation era

A groundbreaking vision of the process of change derived from purpose.How to create actions to overcome resistance and boost impact.

More human leaders in troubled times

Main features of leadership for the current VUCA scenario.

Agility, consistency, sensitivity and empathy as key factors.

Cross-generational connection in the workplace

Specific features of each generation.

How to work productively integrating the new generations (Millennials and Centennials).

Workplace bullying, harassment and violence

Defining and understanding the different concepts with case-study examples.

Prevention and approach strategies at personal and organizational level.

'We are witnesses of an era where, more than ever, the HUMAN aspect is irreplaceables'




Internationally recognized speaker, TEDx speaker, disruptive consultant and expert in the fields of future of work, the human side of digital transformation and leadership with purpose.


Managing Director of Humanize Consulting.


I was South Latin-America HR Vice-President for The Coca-Cola Company, HR and Change Management Director for Molinos Río de la Plata and Senior Consultant for Arthur Andersen.

I am the author of books such as “Diseña tu cambio”, "El futuro del trabajo y el trabajo de futuro", "Empresas (+) humanas" among others, and I often write articles and papers about organizations, talent, leadership and balanced life for the main media.


I hold a PhD in Economics (University of Buenos Aires). I participated and lectured in specialization programs for Singularity University, Michigan University, Hebrew University of Jerusalem and MIT Lab, among others. I also hold certificates of Myers Briggs Type Indicator, Nowhere and Accelium methodologies.

I am a professor for the University of Buenos Aires, San Andrés, Salamanca and Di Tella.


I am a Radio Columnist for Perros de la Calle radio program of Metro 95.1 in Argentina. 

"People can forget the words you transmitted, but never how you treated them"

Books & Co.

El futuro del trabajo y el trabajo del f
Libro historias y mitos de la oficina
Libro empresas más humanas
Libro por qué no



Our Clients







Unique experiences, transformational moments. Each person and each environment are different; thus, at my tailor-made conferences I seek to get the best version of every participant and of the team they are part of. I create moments to stay in the memory due to the impact on their minds, heart and soul which help people develop healthy and sustainable transformations at a personal, team and organizational levels.

HR Consulting Services:

Executive Coaching / Confidential Advisory:

Difficult yet necessary conversations. Throughout my experience in multiple situations with different professionals of different profiles -in the most diverse places and with a methodology which captures the best coaching, mentoring and teaching strategies- I help people find their most genuine answers to their professional and work big questions in a strict confidentiality atmosphere. These are short-term processes aimed at finding specific and sustainable results.

Team Building

for Senior Management teams

Disruptive innovation strategies in human resources.

With our capitalized experiences in the most diverse organizations, both in leadership and consultancy roles, in Humanize Consulting we team up to boost transformational processes in the digital era in order to develop better people and better enterprises.

Propuestas innovadoras adaptadas a las necesidades de cada organización para identificar el propósito, alinear a sus directivos en función del mismo y generar la pintura del éxito y cambios culturales de alto impacto y sustentables.




Inspiring people and organizations to reach their best version.

Creating innovative and relevant experiences to empower and develop the talent within organizations to obtain the best results sustainable over time.

Becoming the favorite and most appreciated partner in conferences, executive coaching/confidential advisory, HR strategy and disruptive innovation, the future of work, culture, talent and leadership, and helping to boost the best workplaces.


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